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Life is Lived in the Small Things

Rest is a concentration on how God loves me

When stress comes - we are trying to control

If you walk in insecurity ~ you can't speak with authority

Things are not always a given. Thoughts, feelings, and emotions need to be expressed. John Echols

The Christian life is not about not sinning. It is about a relationship with God and Christ. John Echols

Faith is not in the past. Faith is not in the future. Faith is in the present. John Echols

Feelings tell us what we are thinking, not how to act. John Echols

Feelings are to be governed, employed rightly, expressed honestly to God, and submitted to God’s authority and sovereignty. John Echols

Repent, confess, and get rid of your mess! John Echols

Feelings serve me. I don’t serve them. John Echols

You are not capable of being the source of someone else’s happiness. John Echols

Guilt is the natural outcome of failing and not experiencing forgiveness. John Echols