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Do you remember what you were doing three months ago? Do you remember what you were doing three days ago? Some of you might not remember three minutes ago! When we stop and look back at a certain period of time, memories flood the mind, sounds and smells bring back feelings and emotions, and you realize that whatever you’re recalling really wasn’t that long ago – no matter how much time has passed. That’s where I am today. With the launching of My Home School Grades, the idea that was nothing ninety days ago is now something. An idea in my head, spoken with words across a table covered with chicken wings in a local restaurant, has been transformed into a stable, working platform that will serve home school families for years to come.

When I started to share the concept for My Home School Grades with Jordan, MHSG’s developer, I had no idea the ground work that had been laid for a project like this. As Jordan and I dove into the details, it became clear that we each shared the vision of what My Home School Grades could become. What you see in our launch offering is just a small portion of the plans we have. Home school families have so many unique and inspiring stories to tell. How we educate our children is just one of them. My Home School Grades is here to help home school families share the story of their children’s education and activities. This is just the starting point. You’ll see us break new ground in the coming months with what we have to offer. When we look back, it won’t seem that far off at all. I invite you to join us on the journey.