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It is a fact we all home school for different reasons, and many times our reasons change over the years. No matter the differences, one thing I suspect is the same everywhere – we all are frustrated with the public school system. For the last four-plus years, I have served on a Career and Technical Education (CTE) school board for the county we live in. Most of these programs are taught through the local community college, and students can earn college credit while still in high school. Many home school students in our community take advantage of this program (CAVIAT). I’m on the board for a number of different reasons. If you are interested in why, feel free to contact me directly.

National School Boards Association I’ve attended a few national conferences over the last few years on behalf of the board. One of those opportunities was this past weekend in San Diego, at the National School Boards Association annual conference, and it was eye-opening for me from a home school perspective.

Actual and Direct Threats

One of the sessions at the NSBA was billed as a discussion concerning local control for school boards. It was nothing of the sort. What it turned into was a smack down on anything that didn’t support the public school model. The slides for the session were titled, “Actual and Direct Threats,” and the tenor of the talk told you that these people thought they were at war. Now we all know that we are at war, culturally, and educationally; yet I wasn’t fully aware of the vitriol that exists within the ranks of the education lobby on a national level. The “actual and direct threats,” to the public school system were charter schools, virtual charter schools, school vouchers, and home schooling. When the subject of home schooling came up, it was in the context of home schoolers accessing public school extracurriculars and athletics programs. This was near the end of the presentation and the quote about home schooling was, “There’s not enough time and don’t even get me started.” With the implication being that they would take on the other threats and then deal with home schoolers.

Father Knows Best vs. Big Brother

My family doesn’t long for the days of Robert Young and *Father Knows Best*, we just want the freedom to educate our children in the way we see fit. For our family, that is home education. The National Association of School Boards seems to not agree with me. They believe that, “The public school system is the foundation of the very fabric of our society.” I disagree.

Freedom Under Attack

The freedom to home educate our children is under attack. It is subtle and subversive. The most public attack has started with the Romeike family and I suspect attacks on our home education choices will become more frequent.

Know the Law, Stand your Ground

I encourage you – today – to find, read, know, and understand the laws that pertain to home education in your state. Find out what legislation is pending regarding education as a whole in your state, not just home education. Does Father Know Best or will Big Brother tell you what to do?