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This afternoon my family was afforded the opportunity to clip in and experience the thrill of the new Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course at Ft. Tuthill in Flagstaff. Ryan and I tackled the Blue, Green, Red & Black adult courses, while Ashleigh conquered the kids course (just an inch short of being able to do the adult course). Carrie captured the afternoon with the camera.

When we arrived we were greeted by friendly staff in the metal office located inside the kids course. We had made reservations, so they were expecting us. After turning in our liability waivers, the staff attached our wristbands and issued us our harnesses. After getting rigged up, we were taken through a short but informative training session on how to properly traverse the elements, clip in and out of the safety cables, and how not to get our fingers ripped off in the zip line. At the end of the training session, we jumped on the three element training course so the safety folks could make sure we knew what we were doing.
Now it was time to head out! Ashleigh “No Fear” Echols jumped right onto the yellow (kid’s) course. This is a shorter version of the adult courses with many of the same elements. At about 6-12 feet off the ground, this is a great way to get kids excited about the Extreme Adventure Course. Ashleigh took over and mastered the yellow course in record time. Kids get to run through the course three times for the entry fee.

The only real difference between the kids course and the first two courses is the number of elements (many are the same), and of course, the height. The way the course is constructed, you could be 6 feet or 60 feet off the ground and still feel safe.
Ryan and I headed up the ladder to the green course to start our journey. Now we’ve done a few challenge courses with the Boy Scouts. With the BSA, the challenge courses are focused on individual challenges and personal individual accomplishments. With the Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course, although many of the elements are similar as a BSA challenge course, I found that doing the course together was much more fun than tackling it on your own. The green course is plain and simple, just a fun journey through the trees at Ft. Tuthill. Simple elements that don’t tax you. The green course is the start of more than a mile in the trees if you complete all four courses.